Welcome to the Russianpasta wiki rules!Edit

Welcome! thank you for reading the Site Rules before you do anything. Make sure to follow these rules good and follow along. 

Rules for every RussianpastanEdit

1. Worship Lulz and praise it. If you do not like lulz, GTFO, but can be replaced when you show tits  how much you love this wiki. 

2.When you post fanart is has to be RUSSIAN only, because this is a Russian wiki and pictures are fine too. Pornography is not allowed, for you safety in case when the Japs come over. 

3.You can write about celebs but they have to be all Russian. You can also write articles on countries (ESPECIALLY RUSSIA) too. 

4.You can spam and troll, but if you get out of hand don't worry, we'll have Russian Spetsnaz coming to your home and b8nning you.

5.No WEABOOS, unless you want  us to skin you down with pleasure, desu~!

6.Please, no vodka fights in chat. You know what happens, right? BODKAAAAAA

Thank you for reading and being a great Russianpastan!